Unable to login to app even with a new password

Today I found I was unable to login to the Wyze app with my saved password. This was a randomly generated unique password that I haven’t used anywhere else. I was also unable to login to the website with it. I then reset the password and was able to login to the website however the app still says the new password is wrong. I removed the app and then installed it again however the issue remains.

I have emailed support but am unsure why this has happened seeing as I have had no notifications that my password was reset or that there were any logins from new devices.

you are using apple, and they have a tendency to save weird things sometimes like credentials. try restarting your phone and entering it again. it might/ should clear some cache and possibly allow it to see the new password correctly.

( what is it saying when it wont allow you to log in?)

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Thank you. That seemed to do the trick

It was saying something to the effect of the login credentials being incorrect, not indicating whether the password or email was wrong, I should have corrected that in my original post. That said I was confident the email was correct though.

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that type of thing happens quite a bit. ( they never give enough info when things go wrong) I’m glad you were able to get it working.

I just had the same problem (before I found this post) on my iPhone. I was able to log into the Wyze website on my PC with the same password, but it wouldn’t work on my phone. So on my phone, I clicked the forgot password, entered the code they emailed me, and then input a “new” password – really just the old one that should have worked in the first place. Now I’m back in and everything’s working properly.

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I’m also having this issue. I don’t get an error it just goes back to the login screen. I use 2FA. I tried restarting my phone as previously suggested and that did not resolve the issue.

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