Unable to Login into Mobile App

Hi! As of this past week, I am unable to log into the mobile app. The loading icon spins for a while then, disappears and no error message appears. I simply remain on the login screen. I tried closing the app and restarting, and also uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I am using an iPhone. Has anyone had this same issue? If so, any advice as to how to fix this?

Are you able to log into the main Wyze website here:

Hi Rick,

Yes, I am able to sign into that website, which is the strange part.

I think, then, you will need to contact support for help. See the Support link at the top of this page in the black bar.

Thanks Rick. I was looking earlier today, and I think I figured it out. The Wi Fi network I was on was weak. As soon as I used my cellular network only I was able to view the app. :slight_smile:

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