Unable to delete obsolete emails/contacts populated in SHARING list

When choosing to SHARE a camera, and then tapping the *+ sign to add a contact’s email, a list of any and all previous emails with which I’ve shared in the past is displayed.

Many of these email addresses are obsolete or I will no longer be considering sharing with that person.

Problem: These addresses cannot be deleted.


I am not sure where that information is stored, but have you tried clearing the app cache to see if that clears the names?

Go to the App, choose Account, then App Settings. Then Clear Cache.

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I can try. Originally when I inquired with WYZE techies, I was told this was not possible to delete list, and they would look into it and get back to me. That was probably six months ago…?

I’ll give your suggestion a shot and get back to you. Thanks

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Nope. Didn’t work.


Thanks for checking. I will see if I can get some additional eyes on this for you

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What app version are you using?

I see you are on iOS, I wonder if this is an autofill setting on your device as I am not seeing the same issue on iOS.

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I have 9 cameras, varying models. All are up to date with current firmware.

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BTW - Defintely not an autofill issue…

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Same issue, please consider adding this feature

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You should add it to the fix-it list for June.