Unable To Connect 4th Camera

Good Evening All,

My 4th camera arrived today and I’m unable to get it set up. I’ve tried multiple times and keep hearing (I’m paraphrasing here) that the network is unable to be located. I’ve had no problem with adding my 3 previous cameras. Any tips folks?

Are you trying to connect the camera to your network at the location you are going to mount it, or right next to the router? If not, move it closer to the router and try again.

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Also, make sure your phone is still on the same wifi network.


It’s possible that your router is only able to support X devices and it’s reached that limit. That happened to me with my old router. Try turning off a couple of the other camera (unplug them,) then reboot the router, then try to set up the new camera. If it works, Turn the other camera’s on and see if they all connect. If not, it’s likely the router is the issue.

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