Ugh Again with CMC

So I broke down and subbed to CMC as I needed it and now all of a sudden I’m getting the fail to upload please connect to wifi. Yet I can watch everything live. The CMC events are the only ones that are giving the error. I was under the impression that this was resolved which is why I subbed to it. Please advise? Also I have 4 gigs of space on my phone. Thank you. BTW: I have sent in a ticket but wanted to know some fast ideas until they get back to me. Thank you. :smile:

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I have a question. Even with CMC don’t I still need the SD card to go into playback? Someone in the Facebook group is telling me that I don’t, but that doesn’t sound right.

View Playback only works with an SD card installed.

With CMC, the videos still end up in the Events tab they are just longer and the 5 minute time out does not apply.