Two wire furnace install for thermostat. How to wire? Also the wyze thermostat says its 32F when it should read about 65. Is it wired wrong?

I have an oil furnace with a two wire thermostat. I bought a transformer since I don’t have a C wire. I wired it red to Rh and white to W1 and the transformer to Rc and C. It all seems to work fine, except after set up, the thermostat says the current temp is 32F when it ahould be about 64F. Did I possibly mess up the wiring or app setup? Also i did not use the C wire adapter that came with it. Could this be the issue?

IIRC the 32F/0C bug happens with a faulty temperature sensor in the thermostat. you should contact support and get a RMA.

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Odd that two thermostats bought months apart would bothbhave faulty temp sensors.