Two way mirrors

I placed my wyze v3 behind a two way mirror and two problems surfaced. 1. You need to turn off the infrared and 2. You need to cover the red/blue light on the front with some black tape.

Wyze needs to move this light to the back of camera. I don’t know how to solve the infrared problem. When its turned on it reflects back onto the camera lens.

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The video quality without the IR lights on the V3s s pretty good if there’s a little bit of light in the room or outside. I have a V3 in a window looking outside and it has perfect day and night vision.

You can turn this off in settings. Go to the camera, then settings(gear icon), then advanced settings and toggle the status light off.


Thanks for info

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I would add to post #2 that the status light will show briefly when the V3 is powered on from an off state or when the firmware is updated.

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Can you please elaborate on where you bought supplies & what you did? Etc

Ideally a some
Photos also

Thanks so much