Two-way chat loud noise

I recently bought 3 WyzeCam V2’s, and all 3 of them do the same thing. They are all on my 2.5Ghz network, they all have microSD cards inserted with continuous recording enabled, and all motion/noise activation is disabled. They are all firmware

I press the microphone button on my Android phone to talk through the cameras, and when I release the button, there is an INCREDIBLY loud noise/reverberation returned to my phones speaker.

To clarify, I am at the office and not at home when doing this, so its not your typical proximity feedback. Since I’m not home, I’m not certain if the feedback is played on the WyzeCam speaker or not (despite my best efforts my dog refuses to talk) but I can test later when my wife is home.

It’s worth mentioning while this loud reverberation is playing out, I can somewhat make out my own voice repeating behind it, but its far too loud to understand what I said.

It may be worth mentioning that all 3 units also had extremely choppy/pixelated video when the smoke/co detection was on, so I turned that off.

I’m at a loss, but this makes using the two-way communication unusable since everyone within a 5 mile radius looks in my direction.

Does anyone have any suggestions??