Two way audio problems

Does anyone know how to make two way audio clearer?

Define Clearer, The Wyze cam’s speaker is not high-end. It should sound like a Speakerphone on a smartphone but quieter. And if you mean Clearer as it its choppy or garbled, that could be a result of network congestion from many aspects either your home router has to many devices connected to it, not just Wyze cams, like laptops, computers, game consoles and other smart devices. If you are trying to do two way communication from Cell Service to your Wyze Cam on your network, your cell signal could be low and or your home internet could be bogged down. ( hope this helps) But without knowing what kind of sound you are hearing its hard to make a suggestion besides what I stated above.

Welcome to the community, @Matthewkaye119! There is a #wishlist topic on improving the audio quality on the cams. The sound quality is a known issue and if you haven’t voted for this, you can go to the top of the thread and vote. To let your voice be heard, you can also post further comments in this thread below. :slightly_smiling_face:

Improve audio quality