Two sick cameras

I have two camers that seem to be failing. One started acting up a month ago and the other more recently.
Both turn them selves off within the first minute of operation.

One flashes yellow for about 10 seconds then starts flashing green(blue) after for about 10 second, then flashes fast for 5 seconds and goes off.

The other is similar but it never gets past the flashing yellow before it turns off.

Ive tryed several good quaility USB cables including Wyze cables, different wall wards incluing Wyze, and two different circuits in my house. Always the same behaviour.

One time I did get one of the camereas go green/blue (im color blind to those colors) so I tryed to reregister to a new network. The device said QR Code Stamped but then promptly turned off.

Any of this sound familiar???


That does not sound like a problem I have come across yet, the only thing I can recommend trying is manually reflashing the firmware and see if that fixes it, if not I would contact support.

WYZE Support

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Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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