Two OGs fail to connect

Have around 5 various Wyze cams connected to my home network, and my two new OGs are the first cams to fail to connect!

Pressed setup button, camera said it was ready, followed the in-app instructions, app found the cam, paired, selected network and entering password, camera said “connecting to network” and then “wifi connected,” however the app hangs on “Adding Wyze Cam OG” then says “Connection failed.” The only option is to tap the “Re-type password” button, which doesn’t allow you to do that, rather it just tries reconnecting, and eventually does that in a loop until bailing out.

Power cycled the camera and app/phone. No dice. One thing that’s odd: after power cycling the camera will say it ready, but regardless of what I do with the Setup button on the camera, the red light (nor any light) has come on again.

Does anyone know how to hard reset? Holding Setup button for 10 seconds while plugging in doesn’t do anything.



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