Two networks on same account?

I recently bought two wyzecam3 to my existing and original network that has several wyzecam 2’s. After a power outage, I noticed that the new ones were offline but the old ones were fine. After several attempts at restarting the cameras, I gave up and just deleted the cameras and redid the setup on the news ones again.

One of the two new ones was not a problem. That is when I realized that the other one of the new cameras was at the maximum range of the network and could barely get a connection. No problem, I thought I will connect this one to a different network I have that is meshed all over the house. That did not work.

The new meshed network is running off the modem that had original wifi with different name and password. No matter how hard I try, I can’t any cameras to wok of the new network. I tried turning off all firewalls to no avail. I tried doing the setup from a device on different, same or cell network and still will not work.

I could rename the new network with exacting details from old but that would mess up all the other devices (not just wyze). Is there a set of settings on the router or firewall that I can adjust so that the camera can see the new network?

We’d need to hear specifics, like mfgr/model numbers involved and the like. Some network gear has particularities that need to be adjusted, but no way to tell without specifics. Hopefully someone who has that particular equipment will chime in if there is anything that they had to do.

The camera should be fine seeing any 2.4 Ghz network SSID. But the trick is making sure your phone is on that same network during setup. 5 GHz SSIDs with the same name are a no-no.

And regarding the title, yes multiple networks under the same account should be fine.