Two free weeks of wyze+ for resetting old v2cam

I just put a heater in my garage in northern Wisconsin, we usually have weeks of -40 (feels like Temps, but not uncommon to hit a few weeks below 0° f) the v2 cam should be kept at about 40°, and the initial cam set up went fine (it was an oldv2 cam that was replaced with a v3cam) after a setting up this camera again(replaced with v3, sitting on a dresser), it is now enrolled to the two free weeks of cam+ I don’t want it and I don’t use it, but is it as simple as deleting your camera and reinstalling your cam right now to get it for free?

I literally set up this Old cam in my garage to watch a junk lcd display thermometer, and I have been getting all sorts of cam+ notifications for a camera that is looking at the wall…

I think so? Others have observed the same.

Why? I have two V2 and two Pan cams outside that get down to -20° F, real temperature, not feels like.

Yes, the CanPlus trial starts again every time you set up a camera. Whether you want it or not.
I posted a thread about these trials without permission months ago. Wyze claimed it was a mistake but they’ve bever fixed it so obviously it is a planned thing.

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One of many reasons that, whenever feasible, I use old apps and old firmware. :slight_smile:

Not a great security practice though.

Sorry, I ment my garage. Thinking one thing typing another. Haha.

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If the only thing about the cam plus trial that’s bothering you is the notifications, you can turn those off for that camera in settings