Two-factor authentication

After seeing a news article that “Ring” cameras were being hacked I decided to see if I had my two-factor authentication enabled in my wyze app. Sure enough it was and I decided to log out and log back in to get a text verifying that it was I logging in.

I received the text from a phone number with the 206-207-6078. I decided to do a Google search on the phone number and found that it belonged to a company called NEUTRAL TANDEM-WASHINGTON, LLC - WA.

According to the search it is a 100% at risk phone number. Another site claims that it’s from Can anyone verify that this is a legitimate two-factor authenticatione number used by wise labs

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206 is an area code for Seattle Washington which is close to Wyze so that checks out. It’s the same number that I have gotten 2FA texts for Wyze from for quite awhile. +1 (206) 207-6078.

Just for giggles I Googled my cell number. Apparently I am a 100% at risk number for phishing. I am also apparently an out of business restaurant, and I am also a known number for of all things SNOPES website.

I would say your perfectly safe, but if you are worried I would chat with Wyze Support.


Thanks for your help rbruceporter

No worries! It’s always a good idea to double check especially where security is concerned. I read the same story I bet, the lady who had a camera in her kids bedroom that someone was talking to the child on?

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Exactly. Right at that moment I looked at my wyzecam and said out loud… Is somebody watching me. lol

Most companies actually contract out the sending of SMS messages to third-party providers. While 2FA via SMS is better than nothing, it really isn’t that secure. Regardless of who sends it. You just have to hope you use the code before someone else does.

Using an Authenticator App that generates the code via RSA Algorithms and your unique key would be better.


Yes. I also read an article about SMS messaging with Android phones and found that they aren’t encrypted as the iPhone is end to end. I believe there will be a fix to that in the future.

SMS isn’t encrypted on iPhone either. The protocol doesn’t allow encryption. iMessages are encrypted on the iPhone. They pass through Apple’s iCloud and aren’t part of SMS. The iPhone will show SMS texts in green to let you know they aren’t encrypted. iMessages show in blue.

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Thanks for that info

Google is gradually rolling out their RCS messaging system which like iMessage is end to end encrypted. But until these systems can interoperate there will continue to be issues.

Cross platform tools like Signal and Telegram are secure as well but only if both parties use it. I use authentication apps like Authy and Google Authenticator where possible but really prefer things like Yubi Key. But that approach while very secure is not as widely adopted yet.

An interesting write up about RCS is here: What is RCS messaging? The Android texting service explained

It will be years before RCS is fully encrypted and secure and the jury is still out if Apple will interoperate with RCS.


I was going to say the exact same thing. This number probably has little to do with Wyze directly. It may not even be exclusive to them. I don’t have any specific knowledge of the platform they’re using, but platforms like Twilio have thousands upon thousands of numbers that are used for purposes like that. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if MoveOn was using the same platform.

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Very possible.

Hey I recently enabled Two factor authentication on my Wyze Cam and no I am locked out of my account. I tried resetting the password I successfully do it but still cant use it to access the account. Where do I enter the code that Wyze would send me I dont see a specific area on the app yo do this. I tried to get into my account and it keeps telling me to enter a valid number? Also I am not getting codes to my phone or the backup phone number that I registered.

The servers are a bit bogged down from everyone trying to log in. They reset all the login tokens forcing everyone to login again. The errors should clear up in time. More info can be found here

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Ok thx I didn’t know this initially and started to freak out a little when I couldnt log in after I enabled two factor authentication

I can understand that worry but having 2FA is a good thing to have on, just so happened that you did it on the same day they logged everyone out

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12/26/19 9:00 PM PT - We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience with the difficulty using two-factor authentication. Adjustments to our 2FA service have been made and people running into the invalid phone number error should be able to log into the Wyze app now. If you are still having trouble logging into your app, please contact our customer support team.

Wyze Customer Support