Two factor authentication problem

When I am trying to log onto the Wyze app, it asked me for 2fa as expected. It then texts me a code that is only valid for 60 seconds, except I don’t receive the text with the code until after the code has expired. This resulted in me sending new codes to myself for over 15 minutes until I receive the code fast enough. This is annoying because the code is usually only a few seconds late, but I still can’t sign in. This probably has to do with my service (which is pretty good). Is it possible to change how long before the code expires?

Like I said before, I eventually get in, but It takes me forever.

This happens every time I go to sign in.

I don’t believe this is currently possible.
You should send a log from the device receiving the 2FA code but I’m not sure if it will be useful or not.

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Good idea, I will do that now. Thanks!

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