Two Factor Authentication- no "Account" option

I received an email recommending i use two factor authentication and provides me a link. i click on that link which gives instructions to tap “Account”…, so I log in on that page. There is no “account” option to tap. I click on my profile icon and still no “Account” option. I click on the Wyze logo which takes me to another Wyze page where I log in again (?) and still no “Account” option on that page. I click on my profile icon on that page adn there is the “My Account” option, so I click on that. No other selection related to Security or adding two factor authentication on that page. Is there a third or fourth Wyze page where I need to log in and get to the “Account” option to tap?

So I logged in on the Wyze forum page, (my third one!) and found that it DOES have an option titled “Account!” But alas, there is no option under this menu for security and two factor authentication. There is an equal menu option for “Security” but that one offers nothing other than telling me the location of where I am logged in. Still striking out and hoping for a fourth…

I use the iOS version of the app and 2FA settings are under the account tab then security.

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Thanks. I am on my laptop though just going through a web browser from a link in my email.

This is per Wyze:

To enable SMS Two-Factor Authentication:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap Account.
  2. Tap Security > Two-Factor Authentication .

For you that have multiple accounts for test or otherwise – check which account the email came in for.