Turning on the light

Event though fireworks are illegal in this county didn’t stop some people close by. The V3 Pro spotlight comes on when the fireworks go off. :grin:

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We had a 30 min BARRAGE - in high winds & rain - as the New Year began.

A first in my experience. :grin:

I have the ( turn on the spotlight if sound detected set to OFF I guess the cam saw the flash of Light. If I had the detects sound setting on the light would be on forever at night due to barking dogs, and those @!#$%^* motorcycles the go down the street a block away rattling the house windows. :rofl:

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Happily I slept through it all…

I hear ya. :slight_smile:

The mic is too sensitive (and the house too ‘porous’) for us to use sound detection in this urban neighborhood.

For the two or three who may care :ear: :hushed:

Happy New Year, boys…