Turned off rule but lights still come on

I had a rule set up for my Wyze Switch to turn my driveway lights on just before I go to work and then I set another rule for them to turn off at sunrise. Now that it is spring the sun is already up when my lights turn on so they weren’t turning off at sunrise. So I tried to disable both rules because I don’t need the lights to come on in the morning anymore, but they were still coming on, So I deleted both rules and they are still coming on. I turned the breaker off for ten seconds then back on thinking that a power cycle might do the trick, but they still come on. How do I get these disabled and deleted rules to stop turning on my lights? Any help is greatly appreciated, Thank You

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Welcome back to the forum @chadfranklin

One thought. You said you had rules, disabled the rules, then deleted the rules.

Any chance you have a schedule setup for the switch that is still active? Or vice versa? Set a schedule but still have a rule?

Schedule/Rules can perform some similar functions, but live in 2 different places