Turn WiFi off for cams in multi story building

I live in a 6 story building and we have installed about 12 V2 cams. Some are in range of the WiFi signal used to set them up. These are visible on my android phone connected to the same WiFi network. We have some set up on the Iphone app also. Residents want to add another 3 cams on each floor. My WiFi signal would be in range of several of these, maybe 8 or more. The cams we have that are out of range currently record on the microSD card without problems. We have actually captured 2 break-ins.
How can the WiFi link be disabled so that the cams that are within range of the initial setup WiFi do not stay connected and use more of the bandwidth that is needed for my own use for TV streaming etc.?

I can think of two options for this:
1.(the most practical option)
Go to your router’s settings and block the cameras. This may be hard to do if the camera is listed as its MAC address, but it will work of you can do it. Then, when you need to view the camera footage you could remove the card or unblock the camera.
2.(the costly, but a little easier option)
You could purchase a WIFI extender or separate router and set that to a different SSID then your main router. You could then just unplug or turn off the router or extender when you don’t need the cameras connected. You could even use a smart plug to allow you to do this remotely.

I would recommend leaving a few cameras in key areas (like entrances) constantly connected so that you can check on them remotely.

Thanks, would be a bit messy trying to deal with some 30+ cameras on 6 floors plus a garage located under the building. We have about 13 set up already, and am looking for a simple way for those in WiFi range to be blocked from being connected. No problem with those out of range.

I’d go with the first option if it’s possible.

Does your router have the option to create a guest network?

You can connect the cameras to that and then turn it off when you arent using it.


This was my idea with the separate router. I didn’t think of a guest network. Depending on the manufacture, you may be able to create another network.

Thanks for the reply, will check it out.

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