Turn on/off Wyze cameras via Skylink home security

Hello all,
This is a long shot but does anyone own a Skylink home security system?

I am looking for a way to automatically turn on/off my Wyze cameras whenever I arm/disarm my Skylink home security. Since both systems support IFTTT, I thought I could make a rule with the IFTTT app to turn on/off the cameras. So far, no luck. I keep seeing a 500 error.

Has anyone successfully communicated with IFTTT and the Wyze hardware? I’m using all V2 cameras.


You may be able too through a third party life IFTTT?

I use my WYZE products through a few different IFTTT routines. How are you setting it up?

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Does IFTTT support Skylink?

From what I can tell yes

@WyzeJasonJ is one of our more active IFTTT gurus! You are in good hands! :grinning:


Apologies all. I didn’t have “watching” turned on.

I haven’t had any success in controlling any of the Skylink products via IFTTT. :frowning:

To be fair, I haven’t tried using IFTTT with anything else so my experience and expertise should be considered ZERO. :blush:

Has anyone else tried controlling Skylink via IFTTT?

You’d probably have more luck finding people who have, on the Skylink forum.

But if you’ve connected your account, you can explore the available triggers and actions by going to Get Started - IFTTT, click “This” and search for the available triggers. Then click “That” and search for the available actions.

I can’t explore the available triggers and actions for you, because I don’t have a Skylink account to connect.

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