Turn off recording but leave cam on?

Can I create a button that disables cam motion and sound? I want to walk to the house and disable both without turning off the cam. I don’t want it recording every time I go to the fridge.

I believe you can do this with shortcuts.

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Powering down the camera? Or “off” via app?

There is a shortcut action that turns off motion detection. I don’t know how that effects the sound detection of you have that slider set to on. There is also an action that turns the camera off via app.

Edit/ reading your post again, when you say “disables cam motion and sound”, do you mean motion and sound “detection”? Or motion “tracking” and sound “recording”? What camera product are you talking about?


It’s the Cam V2 and there is no option to “turn off sound detection”.

Yes, you can create a schedule for event recording in the cam’s settings. This will stop transmitting your highly illegal trips to the refridge, lol. You still get live stream and SD card, tho.

Or if you just want to switch off the camera, you can create a shortcut for that. That stops live stream, live audio, live detection, and SD all card recording sound and video. The came remains powered to receive further commands. You can also create a schedule to do the same thing.

As far as a button that disables cam motion and sound but leaves SD card recording intact, no. Other than turning off sound recording to the SD card at all hours, anyway.

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