Turn Off Multiple or Group of Cameras when Home

the question is why the unsupported I think it blocking it. I have read that a skill can be block if is out side the USA. I don’t know why that would be.

It only shows as unsupported inside a routine. Everywhere else in Alexa it shows as normal.

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I did a lot of searching and what if.
From what you say it is in the routine.
I think remove the routine to get all camera back to normal state
to get rid of the unsupported.
Then pick one camera get that one working way you like and so on.
You may have a routine for each camera at first in Alexa.
The last thing would be smart plug them.
Sometimes I think a head Alexa but Alexa is a little stupid.

@rbruceporter - I had Alexa routine s working before with Sensors but not cameras. I was able to get Alexa to respond to one cam being triggered and perform actions based on that but I never actually controlled a cam. That being said, in the l last week or so none of that works. I tried to unlink Alexa thru the app:

Went to Alexa, unlinked and relinked. Showed no new devices discovered:

Then looked at Alexa devices list:
Showed all of my Wyze devices-all types. Checked one of those devices - seems ready for use.
Shows device enabled and apparently ready to go.
Then tried to create a routine using that device.
Shows device as unsupported. In fact only Bulbs are supported in the list of Wyze my devices.

I have no Idea what gives here. I think it’s time to kick this upstairs a notch to the Mods.

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I appreciate your assistance, but I feel we are still not communicating. When you get a chance create a simple routine in Alexa that turns a Wyze camera off in response to saying a phrase. Take a screenshot of the routine and upload it here. Until you do that I honestly believe we are working at cross purposes.

@rbruceporter I have never had cams show as supported in routines, I think kroq83 is not catching you are talking about a routine since they do show up everywhere else.


I agree I believe he is not understanding what I am saying. I think he perhaps is unfamiliar with Alexa routines.


Miy cameras show up just fine in the device list just not in a routine.

Yes that’s my experience as well. And it still is.

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Cameras are not supported with routines and as far as I know they’ve never been supportive with routines with Alexa

To get back to the original request…

An IFTTT applet can only turn one camera on or off. You cannot turn multiple cameras on or off.

However, there is nothing preventing you from making multiple applets, each one turning on or off one camera.

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That is correct, I was trying, politely, to lead him to that understanding. If you carefully read the thread you will see that I was responding above to someone that claimed routines could turn cameras on and off. I was hoping to lead both to understanding that without having to resort to saying they were wrong and getting into a huge he said she said argument.

I see now that this caused the usual problems because no one reads all the threads chronologically as they tend to get very long very quick. I was kind of hoping at least one or two people would see where I was going and chime in. I am already very much on record in many other threads discussing what works and does not work with Alexa in the Wyze eco-system.

I will be less polite and more insistent going forward.

I tried I don’t see how you could be any more plain than I was. And I thought I was pretty abrupt to but I guess we have to really spell it out for people.

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I u understood your problem when you first posted it, as I noticed the same thing. Although I didnt research it, my guess was that since my Amazon Echo doesn’t have a screen, Alexa won’t create a routine. I would consider asking Amazon to allow control of the camera off/on.
Just my 2 cents.

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Amazon has stated that camera control is “coming soon” for routines. You can of course already view cameras on Echo devices with screens and FireTV’s.

The ability to turn cameras on/off as well as enable and disable motion/sound/person detection are all planned and in development.

The way Amazon handles this type of device is to define a device class, or classes. This means they develop a standard interface for the class and it’s up to the individual manufacturer to provide the implementation specific to their device(s).

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I can control one camera on/off based on my GPS of my phone using IFTTT but I don’t know how to duplicate the applet for a second or third camera.

I don’t want some of my cameras to be on when I am home and want them to come on when I leave.

Currently IFTTT and Wyze can only control 1 camera on/off per applet. You might be able to leverage another 3rd party tool to do more but I am not personally aware of one.

There is no limit (that I know of) on how many applets you can create. Make one for each camera.

If so How?

I have had very unsatisfactory results trying to run multiple IFTTT applets from a Geofence event. Usually it seems to just fire one applet. But it’s worth a try again if you feel up for it!

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