Turn off light X minutes after motion detector sensor detects motion, using IFTTT and Sequematic

Here’s one way to turn on a light when motion sensor detects motion, and then for the light to turn off X minutes after last motion is detected, using IFTTT and Sequematic. I use Sequematic as Stringify is being turned down.

The process requires 3 actions to be created in IFTTT and 2 sequences in Sequematic.

IFFT actions

  1. Action triggered by Wyze Motion Sensor to use Webhooks to call first Sequematic sequence that increments a variable any time motion is detected and then turn on light
  2. Turn on Light Action - triggered by in-coming Webhooks hooks request from first Sequematic sequence
  3. Turn off Light Action - - triggered by in-coming Webhooks hooks request from second Sequematic sequence after X minutes has passed from last motion

Sequematic sequences

  1. Triggered by IFTTT webhook call. Turns on the light and increments a variable
  2. Triggered by the change in the variable. If the variable is above 0, then pause for X minutes, and then decrement the variable
  3. If the variable equals 0, then turn off light

As a new user, I’m limited to only 1 image per post, so here’s the first sequence


Second sequence

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I may have to look into this, I loved Stringify, have not heard of sequematic

Yeah, I loved Stringify as well, as have been disappointed with it shutting down. Sequematic seems to have most of the functionality, and does have integration with IFTTT and Google Home. There are some bugs but they seem responsive in fixing.