Turn off automatically

Is there a way to automatically turn camera off when home and back on when not home?

You can use IFTTT and geofencing to accomplish that but I am not aware of a way with Wyze only to do that.

I created shortcuts to do this. I have to manually tap them when I leave or enter the home but it removes multiple layers of unnecessary functionality and reliance on third-party apps. The more layers involved, the more likely something will fail.

There is a Wishlist request to add geofencing to the app. Hopefully it gets added in 2020.

That’s how I do it myself. IFTTT is not stable enough to trust in my opinion.

There is a wishlist topic for this where you can vote for this. I’ve been after it for a while. I think it’s a great idea. Let IFTTT access the shortcuts we create.
Doesn’t address the stability problem with IFTTT though, I agree with @rbruceporteron that.
Vote here

While not “automatic,” you may want to vote for something like this. If a button existed, you could press when you come/go to toggle the camera on and off.