Turn a Wyze Cam into a Webcam (Wiki)

I was unable to rotate once I updated the firmware to the USB camera. I had to go back to the stock firmware, reset the camera position and then back to the USB camera so that it was pointing straight ahead.

I was able to load the webcam firmware and have it working on an older mac (High Sierra) but was not recognized on a USB-C mac.

My issue is the quality of the audio (microphone). It is absolutely TERRIBLE: just noisy and clicks, and all sort of horrible sounds. Pity because it would be very useful to setup in a classroom.

I got this working and it was fine, but now i no longer need it and was going to flash it back to the latest firmware but it wont work. When the camera turns on it flashes yellow then goes to pretty much a flashing blue light. If I try a reset by holding the setup button and plugging int he usb nothing happens, Always the same light pattern. I’ve tried different SD cards, I’ve timed how long I’ve held setup for but still no joy. Anybody got any ideas. Note it still works as a webcam just don’t need it to be a webcam anymore.

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If you are a guest in a meeting, and not a part of the team hosting the meeting, then you sometimes do not have the option of changing your background. The host of meetings can disable features for guests, like file sharing, backgrounds, etc.

I am also hoping for for the automatic panning and tracking features after a successful firmware flash. I work for a K-12 ISD in the state of Texas. Just like everyone else we are looking for innovative ways to do what we have traditionally done in the class room remotely. I am a member of a number of Texas edu user groups and this has been discussed a ton. I have mentioned Wyze cameras in all my discussions because I use them every day and they are an easy sell. If there was ever an opportunity to work with your org in the development and testing of such a configuration I would be more than happy to test and provide feedback to make this happen. Also it would be an easy sell for Wyze in the classroom/edu. I am being a little one sided with the focus being on my industry but if proven I believe their is a ton of opportunity to make this product even more dynamic. So basically it would be a PTZ webcam that would work with Zoom and other meeting platforms close to the same price point. I know this is wishful thinking on my behalf but I just wanted to put it out there in the universe. We have discussed this on a user forum called TEC-SIG which consists of various Texas ISD executive IT directors and admins share thought, ideas, and ask questions. Cheers

I have been using the Wyze Pan Cam as a webcam. It works great when I am on Google meet or as a participant in Zoom. If I am host in Zoom it stops working and i get a can’t find a camera or microphone a few minutes after starting the meeting. Sometimes i can recover, but most times i cannot.

Any ideas?

@chucknjoy perhaps try changing the video quality settings in Zoom preferences, maybe HD or not makes a difference?

Agree! As a high school teacher who is now concurrently (simultaneously) teaching students in a classroom and through Zoom the Wyze Cam Pan would be a great option for instructional use.

I can’t find the other relevant thread, so going to post here. Would like to know if (or when) if the V3 cam can be used as a webcam. I suspect the existing firmware will not work with V3, so hoping for the best!


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I am also hoping for this. I bought the v3 with the sole purpose of using it for a webcam and now come to find out that I can’t do that right now.

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Did you get the stock firmware from the “download firmware” page? The instructions on the webcam conversion page is not that clear. It should have a name something like “demo_4.9.6.241.bin”.

Have Wyze taken down the firmware to turn the cam into a Webcam? :frowning:

No, it’s still there. Go to the first post in this topic for full instructions:

Then download and unpack the zip file:

Put the demo.bin in the root directory of the micro-SD card and reboot the camera.
Note this only works on Wyze Cam v2 (and Pan).

The instructions say to use a 32Gb micro-SD card and a USB-A to USB-A cable (for connecting to your PC as a webcam) although some people seem to have successfully used other cards/cables. You will need to reflash to the stock firmware to restore the functionality of a regular Wyze Cam.

Thank you. For some reason, the Webcam firmware instructions page on Wyze, linked externally and even in this group is no longer available which was why I thought it was no longer being allowed. I downloaded the firmware and it was super simple to flash - thanks Wyze Team!

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Note that after flashing (to webcam or back to cam firmware),
Power down and remove the microSD card from the camera before continuing use.

  • If the card remains inserted, the camera will attempt to firmware flash every time it reboots. (per wyze flashing instructions)