TroubleConnecting two base stations to same network

Hi there. Hoping someone can help.

I have an Orbi mesh router system connected to my modem via Ethernet. One base station is connected to the main router with two cams on it no problems. However, the distance is too far to add two more cams to the alley at the back of my property 150 feet away. So…

I ran an Ethernet line off that router out to my garage 100+ feet away. I verified the Ethernet line is active by connecting a laptop. Then I tried to connect a second base station to run two separate cameras. No dice. Base station two will not connect.

Can I not have two base stations connected to the same router?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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You can have more than one base at a time. Maybe use a shorty ethernet cable to set it up at the router the first time? To verify it can be set up then move it once setup and working? What does the status light do once you plug it in?


First, I would certainly try what @Omgitstony, stated.

But I wonder. Since you are using a mesh router, why not move one of the subs to the garage and plug the base in there, if his idea does not work? And that sub might connect to your main router via the Ethernet cable if its out of WiFi range.

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Thank you. I will try to pair using a shorter cable. The way my cable is right now, it’s a pain to try and keep the main router closer to the garage. Otherwise it is too far to get a good signal on the satellite. I will report back after I try a few other things.

Status light is solid blue, then blinking. Then solid. I know connection on the Ethernet long line is good because I plugged in the laptop and it was fast.

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