Trouble exiting groups

What is the trick to exit a group of cameras? I have 3 groups setup and but it is often next to impossible to exit a group. I will need to kill the app and start over. What am I missing?

Go into the group you created, then select the gear icon on the top right. There you can delete the group (in red at the bottom of that screen), or select “Camera’s in group” and add/delete cameras there.


I don’t want to delete the group, just be able to exit to go to a different group. One time out of many it works as it should.

Oh, well on the top left you should see a <
thats the back button. press/select it and it should take you back to the home screen.


It’s is there but most of the time it takes me back to the group of cameras in which that camera exist. Then after several attempts it will exit back the the screen where you see all the groups. I can’t believe I’m the only one experiencing this.

Thats really odd, almost like you have nested groups (groups within groups - which you shouldn’t be able to do in the app).

id say keep selecting the < as long as it shows up in the top left… maybe going back enough will take you to the home screen. If not, id say delete the app and re-install it.

Oh, you could go into Account (bottom right of screen) and then scroll down, select App Settings and Clear the Cache files. After clearing the Cache, force quit out of the app, count to 5, re-open the app and see what happens…

other than that, and deleting the app and re-installing, i cant think of anything else to try. Sorry.


I have 3 groups with 3 cams each. Like @DeVoiDaNgEl mentioned, when in live view the < will take you back to the grouping, and then < again will take you back to the Home page.

However, I have experienced what you are talking about. But, it wasn’t the app, it was my screen protector. When my screen protector starts to get old, cracked, chipped around the edges, it will start to get dead spots on the touch screen. Mine has that funky film on the inside and does not do well if it isn’t making contact. Since the < button is right near my FF cam opening in the protector, air gets in there.

Replacement of the screen protector and a good cleaning usually spruces things back up for me and gets rid of the button unresponsiveness.

Did the Group bug(s) finally get fixed? Where if you had camera’s in a group it messed up all kinds of thing?


The OP’s problem is most likely related to the lack of landscape support for the Wyze app. When you try to exit a cam group in landscape mode, funky things happen with the viewing device’s auto-rotation conflicting with the app’s navigation.


I do have a screen protector on the phone so I’ll give that a try.
Thanks so much

Yeah i know. But i was wondering if all the group bugs were fixed. one i remember is that it somehow made it appear as though the camera’s were offline, the other was stuttering live feed…

I had a group, but got rid of it after reading about the one bug on one of these community forums…


I don’t know if those problems were fixed by the latest app and firmware updates, but those issues are a thread drift/departure from the OP’s stated problem.


yup, they are.


happy Friday.

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