Trop Storm Elsa

wondering how my V3’s are going to fare during the storm. One is facing southwest, going to be looking into the teeth of it, under the eave, but will still catch the wind. I’m half mile from the intracoastal , about 1 -1/4 miles inland from gulf. Near Venice where she’s supposed to clip the coast. we’ll find out!

The V3 Cam has an IP65 enclosure.

That means it is:

  • Totally dust tight
  • Protected against low-pressure jets of water from any angle (limited ingress permitted with no harmful effects).

It is not:

  • Protected against direct high pressure jets
  • Protected against immersion

So I too wonder how it would fair in a tropical storm or higher. Let us know! :slight_smile:


that I will. right now, according to my weather station( yup, I can be geeky) running 16 mph sustained, highest gust 26

I just got a news alert that it has strengthened to hurricane 1 status and is at 75 MPH.

Didn’t realize that just having a weather station makes you geeky…I thought it was all the computer gear I have in my rack and around the house. :smile: Oh, and the weather station connected to the web.

yeah, you got me there! anyway, top wind last night was 26mph, which doesn’t allow for a proper test of the v3 ability to withstand severe weather. elsa was 40 miles off coast of venice, so 41 miles from me, and that was it. oh, well, maybe the next one.

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Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

I’m in Clearwater and had 50+mph gusts, 4 v3’s and one wireless, no issues with any of them

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I had a V3 that got some water in the lens having a funnel cloud go through my yard and knock down a tree about 60 feet away, but it has since cleared itself out and keeps on kicking. it’s a good thing it was bolted down!

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