Triggered on by cats?

So I have my floodlight set to only turn on when motions been detected by the pir sensor and the sensitivity to LOW. Meaning only large objects will trigger on the floodlight , yet my cats walking past it ALWAYS trigger it on .

The pir sensor on this thing is terrible!

Here are the floodlight settings …

@Rulwiz Could you please pass me a log for this? Thanks!


Don’t they get the cuteness exception though? I mean look at the little guy…His shadow made him look like a BIG animal…and then the light turns on and he’s just a tiny cute thing…
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Don’t forget to send Desmond your logs :wink:



I’m back on iPhone so I cannot include the event video but I included the floodlight settings .

Really wish I could upload a video with my logs on the iOS wyze app… still can’t seem to figure out to how to include a video .

On android I was able to but on iPhone im not… videos just do not appear when I open my album …

Thanks. The log attached was only from 10/30. Are you still experiencing this issue?

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I havent seen anything yet but I’m keeping an eye out for it

My floodlight got triggered on by a passing ambulance , their lights triggered it on. I knew it was gonna get triggered on .

I have the floodlight set up only turn on when motions detected by the pir sensor . Yet it uses camera detection

Are you the floodlight PM @WyzeDesmond ?

I am part of the team to help locate and resolve floodlight issues.


And again!!

LOG ID # 776913


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And again…

The pir sensor is set to LOW , meaning only large objects such as cars and people should trigger it on , yet my cats continuously trigger it on.

LOG ID 778168