Trial period sucks!

Am on a trial but very very unhappy ready to get rid of all system together…Doesn’t consistently record, or Doesn’t allow me to see person I n motion.

Do you have an SD card installed?

Let’s start off with what camera model?
Are you using an iOS device or an Android device (no, that does not affect CamPlus operation, but in some cases affects instructions that we may give you).


Judging by tags, seems like you use android, and you have the battery powered WCO. Is that correct?

Continuos recording to the SD card is not supported (though there are workarounds) due to it being a battery camera. The battery would die in a few hours if it recorded continuously.

Since your on the cam plus trial period, you should have all ai detection options as well as full length no cool down event videos. What more do you want? Are you having issue with the cam not recording events? Make sure you clear your filters in the events tab (filter icon in upper right > clear).

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