Travel mode and distance from phone

When in Travel Mode how far away can you be with your phone from the camera. We’re looking to use this at horse shows and put the camera in the barn (which generally has no wifi) so we could watch our horses from our motel or campsites. We’d be quite a distance from the cameras.

I have never tried travel mode but I think it would depend if there was a cellular signal in the barn. I don’t know if it would have to be the same carrier either, like your phone on Verizon and the barn on AT&T. Would be nice to know I guess.

Uh that doesn’t sound right. I think it’s all about the phone’s own WiFi, nothing to do with cellular connections at all. So the limit is the phone’s and the camera’s WiFi ranges.

Ok I will change the word to cellular Data, Can you pair the camera to your cellular data network and then see the camera? I said I never tried it and I have no idea what the cam can and can not do in the travel mode but saw these directions.

Thanks. I read that but still don’t see anything about cellular data. I don’t have a WCO either…

I have 4 outdoor cams but I don’t want to take one down for an experiment. Maybe when I take one down when it needs charging I will see what I can figure out.

Let me know if you do find out anything. We would only be buying it for this reason and can’t find any info on this.

I think you’d be much better off with a mobile hotspot (or old cell phone in AP mode) paired with a wired V3 or similar camera, to put at the barn - hopefully there is at least power available. You’d have much better reliability, performance, features, and range. (You could do this with the WCO too by linking the hotspot to the WCO base station with an extender, but that’s quite a bit more messy.)