Trash panda eating my bird seed

Leave the raccoons alone for a day, I want to see some real action with a Skunk :skunk: in the cage. All the trapping tips I have seen say to put a large plastic bag. burlap bag or some thing to cover the cage just in case you catch a skunk or critter that can get it’s paws through the mesh. When the raccoon trap was in my yard it caught 4 cats before the raccoon. I am glad the trapping guy showed me how to release and reset the trap. He actually put the entire trap in a large very strong bag like you can buy stone in, just the entrance was not covered and open to view. His trap was about half the size of yours.

The forum bot asked if I was sure I wanted to revive this topic. Silly sod, of course I do. :slight_smile:

Raccoon did not visit last night. Patience…

I’m assuming you got that at Amazon. Can you send me or post the link for that trap. I’m trying to find a good one.

I think you need to ask @TomG where he got the trap, probably Home Depot.

Maybe your missing raccoon was at school learning how to do this :rofl:

This is the exact trap. I added chicken wire to the rear so the raccoon couldn’t reach in from the outside and get the bait.

[Advantek 20050B Catch and Release Live Animal Trap, 2-Piece Value Pack, Raccoon and Rabbit Traps]

The trash panda did try to get the bait from outside the trap last night. Never went in the trap. It was raining so the video is psychedelic

Came back later and kicked the WOC off the wall.

Oh, yeah, you post psychedelic and do you see Phelonius impugning your sobriety?

I say, no, ladies and gentleman, I say decidedly and definitvely not. :wink:

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Thanks for the link.

TP was mad that he couldn’t outsmart you so he kicked the camera. Stupid TP.

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: Another :raccoon: Hater . I’m sending the troops over to do some work on your house.

I bought mine at Rural King. If you have one local you can save about $20.00

Send your troops. It would be like sending Ghengis Kahn to battle the current US Army. Way outgunned.

I’ve pretty much eradicated the squirrels from my back yard. The raccoons eat voraciously and go through a pound of sunflower seeds in no time.

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In case you haven’t already seen video of our bandit that I posted back in Dec 2020, here it is. We thought it would be cool to place the bird feeder in the mulch and this was the result. :flushed:

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I guess the :raccoon: gang here took the night off or they didn’t like the neighborhood fools setting off the illegal fireworks all night. Happy 4th.


The birds are like… no, no, no, have you noticed we have wings? :wink:

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Raccoon visited last night but just sniffed around.

They might get spooked by the fireworks like some dogs.

Maybe the :raccoon: got a text message or RSM (Raccoon Social Media) message that said “Don’t go for the Peanut butter”, they are quite smart and have fingers to type with. :slightly_smiling_face:

Rocky Raccoon did not visit last night but Rocket J. Squirrel did this morning.

Speaking of Squirrels, this one is a bit confused.

A trash panda had its last meal. Yummy WalMart bread and JIF peanut butter, with a topping of Zanti Misfits.

I said there was no escape from the trap. Apparently the raccoon did not get the memo. It managed to get its head under the flap and choked itself. Now it is in a field waiting for the turkey vultures to take over.