Transitioning to the unlimited plan

I have a question . I currently have 6 v3’s on a monthly plan. 1 WCO on an annual plan . And I plan on adding more v3’s , WCO’s , and cam pans in the mix pretty soon

So I thought I’d be more convenient to switch to the unlimited plan and pay the monthly $9.99 . Which will save me some money in the long run !

Anyway , how do i transition from the monthly plans to the unlimited plans ? Do I cancel all of my monthly plans and wait til they run out and then switch over to the unlimited plan ? Or do I cancel all of my monthl plans now and switch over to the unlimited plan , and will I get refunded anything ??

Any and all help would be appreciated thanks !

Read this topic:

The key is to know how you bought your original subscriptions. If you bought them from the in app Store Tab, you bought them from Apple. You will not get a refund.

If you bought them from, you will:

  1. Buy unlimited sub at
  2. Unassign all cams from existing subs
  3. Assign all cams to new Unlimited CamPlus
  4. Cancel all old subs at for a partial refund of the unused subscription period.

Thank you , very helpful !

Except that if you purchased your Cam Plus subscription(s) through either Google or Apple past the refund period, your money is gone!

I was told by Wyze that I could get a refund on my other Cam Plus subscriptions if I purchased the new unlimited plan. Not exactly true. Apple won’t refund me for my 2-camera Cam Plus subscription that I purchased 5 months ago. It’s not a lot of money lost, but still rather annoying! :frowning:

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Yea , luckily i switched from buying the subscriptions from apple and now i buy them direct from the Wyze website .

Correct. As stated above.