Trane vs Wyze thermostat failure then success

Our experience. 2004 era Trane heat pump. The original wiring was a little strange and I couldn’t get the stat to power up. Turns out I had fried a small 5 amp fuse inside the unit, most likely by crossing one of the red lines. DON’T FORGET TO TURN BREAKERS TO OFF BEFORE INSTALLING.

Item two is that Trane might have some wiring sequences different vs others.

I’m a GC custom home builder so we use our home and office to test this stuff. A short service call by my trusted HVAC techs fixed the issue. Old dog new trick. I like to understand the DIY stuff clients are seeing and expecting us to install. Similar experience with brand “1” as the first wasn’t heat pump compatible, so I had to upgrade, move some wires around, etc.

We have a few Wyze cameras and our new star employee, a Wyze vacuum at the office.