Tough Tested solar battery for v3

Do you all think this solar battery will work on a flag pole (with no power) for the v3 if there is good wifi?

With that websites specifications which not all the models shown provided full specifications.
They list the supposed solar charge rate an several of them as 200ma - 280ma.

Only the dual solar panel claims 1 amp under direct sunlight (which I doubt the claim of 1 amp) - would be the only one that might support a V3.

The dual solar panel model would have to get at least 6720 mAh of charge to support a V3 cam for 24 hour operation, therefore it would require approximately 7 hours of Direct Sunlight (if the manufacturer is actually truthful that the solar panels produce 1 amp in direct sunlight)

My bet is that it may work under ideal conditions, but most likely those conditions will not be realistic.

The V3 consumes on average 280 ma. (240 ma with I.R. LED’s Off - 320ma with I,R, LED’s ON) so splitting the difference would be 280 ma per hour.

In my opinion I doubt the dual panel will meet your needs, but the only way to find out is to buy and try it.

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Thank you for the reply. That’s what I was afraid of.

Test it out on the ground, but remember “stuff” on flagpoles and the like are often visited by birds.
One good sized seagull poop would seriously cut back on the solar energy received.