Top ten annoyances with WYZE

I tried to order a few things a few months ago and shipping costs stacked over each other. A box with multiple items would have been cheaper than 3 separate boxes. I was paying in shipping almost 40% of the total cost.

Also their shipping policy is messed up. Some prices on the website and ads include shipping and others don’t.

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Here’s how I see the situation; it’s not factual but merely my assessment. Wyze nearly went bankrupt and found that the lifeblood of the company’s sustainability was recurring revenue from subscription services. They have a single minded approach to all software development from those services. Unfortunately the company started out by selling a wide range of products and needed updates to these have been neglected. So they are alienating the customers who supported them in the past. The products we purchased are becoming useless and are being abandoned by the loyal customers that they had. Those customers will likely not buy more products from them for lack of trust. So Wyze will need to replace them with new customers who are looking for the product categories central to the new Wyze strategy. It’s going to be an interesting transition. For me the Wyze watch is the biggest failure. I’ve abandoned it.


Sir, I couldn’t agree more.
In my opinion they are looking to be acquired and cash out.

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“For me the Wyze watch is the biggest failure. I’ve abandoned it.”
100% Correct…They are Carpet Bombing with a slew of products for Cash Injection. How many stumble to this form and Post with issues to Wyze Products,I do get PM’s on saying Thanks they found this form. Every Company has issues…But Wyze is not Publicly commenting on them…It’s there Lemming that do the dirty work.

What’s wrong with the watch I have the model 47 and works just fine and the wife has the small watch and she loves it

Please read this Post…I would not be wearing the 44mm watch. This was also removed (not sold) as to the Rust and Battery issues( Yet Wyze would not comment to this).

Thanks for the info must be bad battery or charger,3rd party does all battries and we do not know the true stories behind it,in the eyes of the law its all here say there’s no proof

Thanks for your assessment of Wyze’s current driving forces and business model. From my viewpoint, it makes perfect sense as the reason they are abandoning their old, formerly loyal customers. They will probably end up losing more long-term and repeat business as they bite the hands that originally fed them and grew their business.

I’m not ready to give up completely on them yet, as I am retired and relying on Social Security for my income, so I need a “cheap” solution to most of my electronics needs, and Wyze may still sometimes meet that need.

At least, I give them credit for allowing complaints and dissenting comments on this forum. I only hope that they are reading these comments and will respond in a positive way that will benefit all concerned parties, so that they can keep enough customers to stay in business and not become just another former electronics supplier who didn’t properly listen to and serve their customers, and slowly went out of business.

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Over change of Battery results in Battery leaks (mixture) to Contact Terminals…Look at the pictures and you can see. The watch should have been Recalled. This is why Wyze Removed the watch(from site) and did not inform anyone. Never saw an Email or posting on this form to why.

I here that I miss the Radio Shack Fyies Electronics

It’s not all bad. Their cams are still great, and the video door bell also very reliable, their handheld vacuum is also ok.

Just that they went after too many products at once and have not payed attention to quality and prices creeping up. Also their marketing strategy just sucks. Please stop the dumb videos and promote your things more elegantly. Cheapens the experience!

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Agreed that almost all their videos are awful and (much much much much worse) simply not funny while they desperately try to be. They have used the worst, cheapest writers.

And if that’s a top 10 annoyance I guess they’re doin’ all right. (I haven’t found any of their non-camera products worth buying either. Except the KN95 masks.)

The hardware is great. The software is horrible. Try using the sleep feature if you think it is fine. On my phone the bottom of the page is off screen and you can’t even scroll down the page. Very broken. Sure the watch keeps time, but that’s not the reason to buy a smart watch with all the advertised features. It doesn’t live up to the description. It could with some software work, but there doesn’t seem to be any willingness to put in the work even to fix something as simple as page scrolling.


I almost lost all faith in Wyze and their products.

When they first started, they were upholding their commitment to customer satisfaction however, as we’ve all noticed, they’ve dropped the ball hard when it comes to software quality and support for existing products.

I recently came across a video posted by wyze that tries explain the lack of support for existing customers and products.

I’m hoping this was just a hard time for Wyze (like many other businesses have faced last year) and that they will truly return their focus to their existing users and products especially the people that stuck with them from the beginning.

While I’m not willing to start purchasing Wyze products again right now, I will be happy to bring my business back to Wyze once they’ve demonstrated that they are putting more resources into fixing the issues with their existing products and services.


I see nothing wrong with the software, we have it on Samsung Galaxy 10+,tablets, iPad iPhone 8,12 with no issues found

Well it might be phone model specific, but I’m running the latest version of iOS and like I said the sleep page won’t even scroll to show off screen data. Does the sleep app accurately detect your bedtime and wake time? One of the main features I was looking for was the sleep data. My previous watch did a good job at that feature so I know it can be done. I’m not looking for miracles, just continuous improvement until the features work.

Have you used the iPad in Landscape Mode? For example, in Landscape ‘full time’ with a keyboard attached?

If not, put your iPad in Landscape, and use the app without turning it to Portrait mode


I don’t understand what you’re saying. On my iPhone/iOS 15.1, the sleep page doesn’t have any off-screen data, and thus has no need to scroll. Nonetheless, it does scroll horizontally between Today, Weekly, and Monthly, but that’s not related.

I think the screen on my phone must be smaller than yours. Try it on an older iPhone or an iPhone SE which have relatively small screens.

I need to clarify what you’re meaning by ‘portrait’ view. This is my Arlo front doorcambell (on older Echo Show).

Are you saying that Wyze doesn’t show up like this.