Too much movement!

When I review my videos on all my cameras both Wyze Cams and Pan Cams most of the time the camera seems to sway too much from left to right and then left again as if trying to keep up with the person or object in the video to the point that the subject I’m trying to view in the video becomes blurry. Is there any fix for this?

The video compression Wyze Cams (and many other IP cams) use is tuned for smallest file size with the best quality on mostly static pictures. The more motion in the frame the blockier/blurrier the video will become because it can’t capture all those visual changes without making the captured video file huge. The level of video compression (bitrate) is not adjustable, so there isn’t a “fix” for scenes with lots of motion.

If the Pan Cam is tracking motion it may move back and forth trying to center the motion in the frame, which in turn causes more motion. I don’t have a Pan Cam so I can’t comment on that feature, but I know others have requested more control over sensitivity.