Too many cams for modem to keep up with?

I have 25Mbps cable internet. The modem will periodically disconnect. I have to reboot it to get internet back. Have contacted the ISP several times, and have had techs come out to look at it.

Nobody sees an issue, but they think it might be related to the 5 cameras?? I don’t have Wyze motion capture service, just save to SD & periodically view feeds through the app.

I did turn off audio, since I don’t need it, and temporarily switched to SD…Any thoughts on if the cameras could be a cause?? Total internet usage is about 80GB/month. Thanks!

If the modem is dropping the connection to your ISP it’s definitely not the cameras. Faulty modem, bad power supply, bad coax, something isn’t right between the modem and your ISP and they should be the ones to fix it (assuming it’s their modem).

On a 25Mbps cable connection I’m assuming your upload speed is probably between 2-10Mbps, so you should be able to view multiple cameras at once without issues assuming nothing else is using your upstream bandwidth.