Today's (October 21) Wyze App Beta 2.36.0 (7) Crashing iPhone

This is the first beta that has been unusable on my iPhones. It hangs when selecting any item on Home. Worse, it dims the brightness of my iPhone such that the iPhone’s controls can’t raise it. I tried restarting several times, the behavior is consistent.

After deleting the beta the iPhone’s brightness is behaving as usual. I’m in Light Mode, True Tone on, Night Shift Off, Accessibility only has Reduce Transparency on.

I’ll install the non-beta until the beta is fixed.

OK, weird. The brightness issue probably isn’t a Wyze issue. It cropped up when I launched the non-beta Wyze app. After toggling every display setting I went to Battery and the brightness returned (Auto-Brightness shows as off in Battery). It’s possible Wyze app’s CPU usage convinced the iPhone that it should dim the display (even though I have nothing set to do that and the battery is over 50%).

Interesting. Working fine on my @#$%^& iPhone 8 with iOS version 15.6.1.

Having the same issue. Beta app is crashing constantly when trying to open it. When I do finally get in it lags to load the devices screen, lags when I attempt to view any of my cams or toggle any of my devices on or off.

Today’s second beta(2.36.0 (8) is working fine. Thanks for the quick fix!

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