To turn lights on at specific times like sunset and sunrise or actions during time windows

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I think it would be nice to have the bould turn on and of a specified times other services have this. where you living room lights turn on sunset then dim at 8:00 just before you put the kids to bed and everything turns off at 10:00 because everyone should be in bed at that time

Additionally it would be nice to set times for certain actions to happen in “time windows” like
When motion is detected in the living room turn on lamp at 1% but only during (10:00 - sunrise)


For the first part of your topic, you can already use the Shortcuts feature to schedule bulb on/off/etc. For instructions on using the Shortcuts feature, click the Support link, top right, and search for “shortcuts”.

For the 2nd part of your topic, see this: Allow schedule AND event to control shortcut / rule triggers. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top and add any relevant comments in the replies if you wish.


I second for time markers like Sunrise and Sunset that are pulled from a service (Like Wemo has) versus having a hard coded time that will need to be adjusted throughout the year.

@Loki, could that specific request move to #wishlist ?


In the meantime, you can accomplish this using IFTTT.

The trigger is WeatherUndergound: Sunrise, or Sunset.

The action is Wyze: Turn bulb on, Turn bulb off, Set bulb brightness, or Set bulb color temperature.


Do you need WU installed on the device and/or have an account with WU for that to work? TIA! :slight_smile:

When you create the applet, you are asked for the location for the trigger. So you may not need a WeatherUnderground account to make it work. I already have one, so I can’t say for sure.

OK, thanks! I know I have tried other WU triggers without success in the past w/o the app or account, so I’ll try it with an account and the app now.

It’s already in #wishlist: Sunset, sunrise (dusk, dawn) trigger for shortcuts / rules