To good to be true all sensors offline this evening

Had early issues with offline sensors back in early June. All magically started to work great mid June and Has been working great until today. This afternoon I noticed one of my motion sensors stuck in motion detected state. Didn’t think much about it. Well this evening now all 8 contact sensors and the one motion sensor are offline.
I have power cycled all cameras and both bridges multiple times. Rebooted router several times. Reset the bridges using the buttons on the back. Removed bridges and reinserted… Nothing is working. Pulled batteries out of the motion sensor and 2 contact sensors… Nothing working… I have spent two hours now trying to get something to work. I refuse to remove the sensor from the app and set them up again. What a pain… We shouldn’t have to do this.

Went to the troubleshooting page and guess what?? No trouble shooting for the sensors or bridges… Come on Wyze … I put a support ticket in but my expectations are extremely low about getting a quality response within Two weeks !
Also the reply on the support ticket email states this

"We are currently experiencing higher than normal volumes that may impact your response time. We will get to your e-mail as fast as we can.

For a faster response, please reach out to us via chat Monday-Friday 8am-4pm PT."
but doesn’t tell you where the chat portal is at. I can’t find it. Would be great to have live chat with technical support.

I believe the chat link shows up in the Ask Us section of the support website but only when chat is actually open and available. As I write this that’s about 3 hours from now.

I will keep looking and if I find it elsewhere I will update you.

My first time the sensors went out I reset them by inserting the pin, the second and third time they went offline I just left them and they came back online after a two or three days. I don’t use mine for anything important though.

So if you click on the “Support” ballon or button that shows up on the bottom right, then type chat into the “what can we help with” search box you get Live Chat button. There may be other better ways but this is the one I found.

I lost 4 of my sensors last night as well. I had other sensors that were fine. These 4 were attached to the same bridge. Power cycle did not help, I was remote and had to leave it until today. The only resolution was to pull the bridge and plugged it back into the pancam. That resolved the issue.

Thanks all. Well I gave up last night. This morning all but 2 of the sensors were magically back online. I had to remove those two and add them (pair) to the bridge. All is well again.
I did get an email from support this morning asking me to do everything I already tried and had explained in the support request.
Interesting that This happened at the same time Wyze was having issues with a AWS server. See post about Wyze Bulb Outage/Issues.
I don’t understand why tech support wouldn’t have mentioned the server issue. Guess right hand still not talking to left hand… Seems tech support is in its own silo.