Tip for connecting your WYZE camera to a mesh point with custom SSID

I installed an Amplify mesh point to my wifi network, but my WYZE camera kept wanting to connect to my main router, (farther away).
I attempted to solve this by creating a custom SSID in the mesh point, but on re-setting up the camera it wouldn’t see the new SSID. The answer was connecting my Galaxy S7 phone to the custom SSID, then when the camera took a picture of the QR code it had the new SSID. Worked perfectly after that, and remains connected to mesh point.
The Amplify mesh point supports both 2.4, and 5 ghz channels. When setting it up with the custom SSID, it gives the choice of what channel you prefer, just check 2.4. FYI.

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I did a kind of similar thing with the Eero. Was using ATT combo modern/router, attached the Eero to it. Set it up as a parallel Wi-Fi with its own SSID and moved the Wyze over to it. Works great. Didn’t even bridge (yet) the Eero. So far works great. Fast and easy to use system.