Tinycam web server stopping

I’m using Tinycam pro to view my Wyze camera remotely. I have the Amazon app running on a recent Kindle Fire that is on and plugged in all the time, running actiontiles on fully.

Problem is after about 4 hours the web server toggles itself off and the cameras can no longer be seen through it. I can’t figure out why. If I go back over to the running app of tinycam pro the toggle is off. I can turn it back on again, but it only stays on for a while, repeat.

Any ideas? The support email for Tinycam pro is not responding after a week now.

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its working right now, but its slower than usual. it took almost a minute for it to load my 6 cameras…usually its only about 7 seconds.

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I have a bit of buyers remorse as well.
I found Tinycam Pro stopped working after a couple of days and needed to be restarted…

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I run TinyCam Pro on an nVidia Shield without any problems at all.

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So do you think this issue is specific to the fire tablets?

Running Tinycam Pro webserver isn’t really needed. Here’s my setup:

I have Tinycam on my phone and wifi tablet. I added the Wyze cams. The instructions are not complicated, search for it, there might be even one on this site. That’s it. No tweaking your router, no forwarding ports. Your Wyze camera streams can be viewed anywhere there’s cell or wifi service.

If you look closely at Tinycam’s Wyze cam setup screens, it says the protocol it’s using is “Cloud”. I suspect it’s accessing Wyze’ cloud server directly.

Thank you, Yes I realize that. I have iOS so I’m running on a fire tab to display in ActionTiles. I read about an alternate implementation last night using VLC and a script.