Tiny Cam download

Does Tiny Cam work with Show 8?

No…at least, mostly no…
TECHNICALLY what you can do is load TinyCam Pro on another device, then tell it to run as a TinyCam Server. Then you can use the Amazon Silk Browser on your Echo Show 8 to open up the TinyCam Pro Server link and see your devices that way. But that is not actually using the TinyCam Pro App on the Echo Show 8.

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I currently use the Wyze Skill and it does not work very well.
The Show keeps dropping the wyze camera display.
I use the Tiny cam pro on my amazon tablets and they work just fine.
Is there a way to put the Tiny Cam Pro into my Shows?
or a way to keep my amazon Shows from dropping the camera displays?
I have Tiny Cam on all my amazon tablets and it works perfectly and keeps the camera displays all day long.