Timeline - Wrong Video

Anyone have issues with selecting a time in the timeline but the video continues showing some other thing?

I’m doing Continuous Recording.
In the Playback, the video is showing 7:48 and time is moving.
I take the timeline and drag it back to 7:44. The red mark on the timeline is at 7:44. The video though is still at 7:48 and moving along.

Sometimes, after some mysterious passage of time, it will jump to what I selected, but right now it’s basically impossible to go view anything because the video never changes to what I select in the timeline.

This could be various things. Are you accessing the playback locally or remote?

At home, on my wifi, viewing video through android app on my phone and tablet.

My experience is somewhat similar. If I align the mark on the time I want to see directly, without stopping on any other time, video starts up as expected. I believe if you dwell anywhere other than the expected time, it plays from there initially. This has been my experience.

First thing I’d try is to force-restart the app which will force it to reload the video data.

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