Timeline recording with cameras shut off

When cameras are shut off why is there video capture in my timeline? I’m the only one that has access to turn cameras on or off.

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What are your recording settings? Is the camera off via the app? I just tested this on a continuous recording camera (app 2.10.72, Android 10, V2 I had the camera off via the app for a few minutes. Turned the camera back on and checked. My timeline had a 3 min hole in the timeline when the camera was off.

Can you go into more of what your seeing and experiencing? Also, giving what device you are using, and version numbers of apps and firmwares will help also. Basicly as much info as you can to help “paint a picture” for the rest of us. Thanks in advance!

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I’m using Wyze pan and I have the camera shut off via app, I turn camera on few days later and check calendar on timeline and the day before is green. So I click on the timeline and there is recording on timeline but not actual recording saved. I’m wondering if someone else is logging on and watching and it’s on my time line? Don’t have the camera armed for sound our movement. They are in our main living area and there is timeline recording when the camera is off and I’m unaware of it recording

Firmware latest update