Timeline alerts

I am using continue recording with an SD Card. Is there a way to put a visual alert on the timeline when there’s motion or audio, that way I can skip all of the space on the timeline where there is no activity?

If you set the card to Event Only, then you will notice green shading on the timeline where motion has been recorded. That’s about the only way at this time.

There have been requests for more definitive timeline marking and also the ability to jump straight from a cloud clip to the SD card timeline. I don’t know the implementation plans Wyze may have for either of these.

Is there a way to record alerts but not get them on my phone? I want the motion/sound to record but I dont want to receive a notification everytime there is sound or motion.

That one’s easy… Go to the Notifications tab in the Wyze app. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner and turn OFF the Push Notification switch. The alert clips will still be recorded, but you will no longer get any push notifications on your phone.

I dont have that option. I have included my options in screenshots.

You are in the wrong gear icon. Back out to the top level of the app. Now tap the Notifications tab at the bottom of the screen (between Devices and My Account). Only then, tap the gear icon.

Perfect. Thanks!