Timelapses of clouds

Hi there, I own a few Wyzecams to monitor our two bunnies, but one camera is pointed at the sky to make daily timelapses. Just because clouds are beautiful.

Please enjoy the timelapses as much as I do

Kind regards



Some nice timelapse videos. Since it haas been so windy here where I live in California we will send you some more wind and clouds but it might take a few days.
One of my distant cousins works in Eindhoven and some of my ancestors are from there also.


The mention of Eindhoven reminds me of Operation Market Garden and A Bridge Too Far. These are so peaceful and serene in contrast. Thank you for sharing.

Also, welcome to the Forum, @r.kuiten! It’s cool that you made these available on YouTube. I like that I can stream them on my TV and enjoy them in a larger format.


Hello Crease,

The landing field for Operation Market Garden in Son en Breugel (a small nearby village) is only a few kilometers from our home. The camera is pointed in the general direction of the place where they landed.

Thank you for liking the timelapses.

Kind regards,


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When my sister got married, they wanted to use the Judy Collins song, thinking it was ‘Send in the clouds’ then when she found out it was ‘Send in the CLOWNS’ she changed her mind. Imagine walking down the aisle to ‘Send in the clowns’. :rofl: