Time to switch?

Well, I got my first wyze camera a couple years ago and loved it. Bought a couple more last year and have recommended them to a lot of people. I just realized today, apparently I can no longer get alerts from “events” and watch the video unless I subscribe to a service. Guess I’ll be selling these cameras and buying something else. What a let down, because they really are a great product.

Search the forum…lots of posts about this:

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You can subscribe for free. And you can still use SD cards like always.

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You can still get all the features as you had before with the addition of person detection at a name your price option, including $0, by subscribing to Cam Plus Lite.

Here is some information about how to subscribe and get your 12 second videos back.

Textual version on the Wyze website:

Cam Plus Lite Getting Started