Time restriction for rules does not work

I have an action to turn on a light and camera if a door is opened, but only from 10pm-6am. However, the light and camera turn on Everytime the door is opened. Is this still in development, or am I missing something.

“what” product(s) are you referring to?

I am using the door lock to trigger a light and camera. I only want the actions to occur at night, but when I set the time restriction, they continue to trigger at all times.

I have things that work sucessfully within the time restriction but I currently don’t have any using the lock for any rules. I will look into this when I get home and see if I have sucess or failure.

What app version are you currently using? and what phone do you utilize?

I have 2.9.70 and am using a OnePlus 7 Pro with Android 10. It does have some glitches on the app, like the reply screen in the forum doesn’t move up when I type, so I am typing blind until I minimize the keyboard.

Now I have version 2.10.36, and the lock will not trigger actions anymore. The rule I had to turn on the light when the door opens is not working. I tried to recreate the rule, but nothing.